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Oz study reviews evidence of wood's impact on health and well-being

Thu 22 Jun 2017

This report provides a review of studies analysing the health and wellbeing benefits of wooden interiors in homes, businesses, places of learning and places for healing.

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See the follow-up report to the WWF's 'Window of Opportunity'

Thu 08 Jun 2017

In 2005 WWF published the report 'Window of Opportunity', outlining the environmental and economic benefits of specifying timber window frames to help drive a better future for global forests, and could make the difference between losing them, or keeping them standing and benefitting both people and nature. More than a decade on, concerns about chemicals in our environment and the rising tide of plastic waste continue. So what does more recent research tell us about the use of wood for windows, does it still rank as the better choice?

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How the home can help your feeling of wellness

Mon 08 May 2017

As our everyday lives feel more stressful, our homes are taking on an ever-increasing importance to our wellbeing – with 85% of British homeowners stating that their home is their go-to place to escape the stress of the outside world and 84% saying it is their place of retreat for reflection and relaxation.

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Purge that plastic

Thu 04 May 2017

It seems that the desire to stem the tide of plastic in our lives (and in our oceans) has spread beyond the bag, with one in four homeowners actively planning to decrease the amount of plastics in their home this year, while 46% state they are conscious of the impact of synthetic materials on the natural environment and one in three conscious of the impact of synthetic materials in general on their wellbeing. When it comes to the most desirable, timber is cited by 67% of homeowners as material they would like to have more of in their homes.

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Study shows wood is a healthy option for windows.

Mon 03 Apr 2017

Hot on the heels of their ground-breaking work to underpin the unsurpassable sustainable credentials of timber windows, the British Woodworking Federation has worked with SGS Search (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and through the Wood Window Alliance to complete a feasibility study for a typical wooden window frame against the Materials Health elements of the stringent Cradle to Cradle Certified™ standard. The feasibility study, available to download from the WWA and BWF websites, perhaps unsurprisingly to most, demonstrates that wood is a healthy option that can easily meet the Silver level of the standard and paves the way for members to get a full products assessment and target gold or even platinum standards.

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