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Replacing Windows in Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas

Thu 01 Oct 2015

Do you currently live in a listed building or conservation area? Here are ten tips for window and door renovations.

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Replacing windows in Conservation Areas?

Sun 20 Sep 2015

The replacement of windows and doors in conservation areas can be a grey area, depending on where you live.

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Four Surprising Colour Trends for Wood Windows This Year

Fri 18 Sep 2015

Gone are the days of the ubiquitous white window.

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Wood Windows Conquer Freezing Antarctic Challenge

Wed 09 Sep 2015

Wood windows can stand up to even the harshest weather conditions and still last a lifetime, and there is no tougher environment than the Antarctic Peninsula to put this to the test.

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New video gives advice on windows in Conservation areas

Tue 04 Aug 2015

This 6-minute video shows how you can improve the energy-efficiency of your home and maintain its authentic period looks - and value - even if you live in a Conservation area.

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