Kirsty Burns, Marketing Manager of West Port Timber Windows and Doors, says 'Yes' is the answer with timber windows.

Fri 22 Apr 2016

Today’s high performance timber windows are manufactured and fully-finished under factory conditions – it’s the best way to achieve the durability and long maintenance intervals that are increasingly seen as big advantages for timber. But that doesn’t mean an end to bespoke products – far from it. High volume doesn’t get in the way of meeting very specific needs. We like rising to a challenge. And here are just three examples of what I mean by that:

Windows over 4 metres tall

We were asked to supply new high performance timber windows for the G1 building in Glasgow to be fitted into existing openings. The fixed ground floor windows were up to four and a half metres tall with curved heads. As the reveals were larger on the inside than the outside, this involved craning the new double-glazed windows in over the top of the building shell to be installed from the inside.

4,000 timber windows and 2,000 doors.

Center Parcs required timber windows and doors in significant volume for their new fifth UK site, at Woburn Forest, Bedfordshire. They specified a very precise finish that would blend in to the natural surroundings, while providing good durability. We worked with Akzo Nobel to come up with a unique coating solution that met the high demands of the project.

Bespoke windows and doors for 1970s Grade II* listed Byker Estate

When it came to a major renovation of Ralph Erskine’s Byker Estate, built between 1969 and 1982, the Byker Community Trust was unable to find double-glazed versions of the multi-coloured original aluminium windows that could achieve the same slim profiles and complex designs. The answer came from an unexpected source: a timber window and door manufacturer. We were able to meet the demands of the Trust and the local conservation department and went on to supply and install new windows and doors for 400 flats and maisonettes.

The windows achieved a typical whole window u-value of 1.4W/m2K and incorporated an ‘easy-clean’ function and 8-year coatings warranty, while reproducing the shapes, colours and profiles of the originals. There was one further challenge to overcome while painting the windows and doors, as one of the details wasn’t altogether authentic. While everyone agreed the exterior of the windows and doors should be brightly coloured, following Erskine’s original scheme, the tenants were less enthusiastic about having the same bright colours inside their homes.  So we set up our induction spraying plant to ensure however brightly-coloured the exterior of the window and doors, the interior would always be a neutral white, in line with the residents’ wishes.