Servowood project gathers pace

Thu 05 May 2016

The EC FP7 funded three year project, Servowood, is currently looking at the performance of exterior wood coatings. The results should help improve the sustainability of the use of exterior wood in buildings and help not only coating manufacturers but also building owners, architects, specifiers and users of coated exterior wood.

Servowood should improve the confidence of consumers in the performance of external wood products therefore protecting the market share of wood coatings as well as providing improved maintenance guidelines and hence confidence in guarantees and warranties and statements about environmental impact.

The project’s main objective is to develop standards that will facilitate the prediction of service life for exterior wood coatings across different climatic zones in Europe. This should improve the capability of short term laboratory tests, including accelerated weathering, to predict the behaviour of coatings under field conditions. The project is also conducting a large natural weathering test programme to assist in the correlation between the observed coating break-down against the laboratory tests being conducted.

Previously Jon Graystone (PRA) gave an overview of the Servowood project in the article entitled ‘Predicting the service life of exterior wood coatings’, we now publish an update on this work from the other research partners which is being conducted on behalf of the SME Associations (CEPE, BCF, BWF, CCS, DFL and FEMIB). 

Here we ask a number of the Research Partners, EMPA (Martin Arnold), FCBA (Laurence Podgorski), CATAS (Franco Bulian) and HFA (Gerhard Gruell), involved in the project to outline the tests that they are carrying out in addition to the natural weathering (EN 927-3*), artificial weathering (EN 927-6*), in the Servowood project to help predict the life of exterior wood coatings.

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