Thu 26 May 2016

Having your windows cleaned regularly is a routine part of keeping your home smart and presentable. But it can also be an important way of extending the life of your windows. Whether your frames are timber or plastic, they should be washed down (and the hardware lubricated) at least once a year – often it’s a requirement of your guarantee.

What better way to make sure this happens than to ask your window cleaner to wash the frames at the same time as the glass?

According to studies by Imperial College London and Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, today’s factory-finished timber window frames made to Wood Window Alliance standards can be expected to last around twice as long as equivalent plastic frames – around 60 years or more.

To help homeowners get the most from their timber windows and doors, the Wood Window Alliance has produced some simple guidelines on maintenance, including advice on redecoration intervals (which can be as long as 10 years).

Redecorating factory-finished wood windows is a very different process from redecorating old timber windows. Gone are the days of stripping back flaking and blistering paintwork. The Wood Window Alliance has also released a video showing just how easy it is to redecorate a factory-finished timber window, including the importance of washing the frames regularly – and getting your window cleaner to point out any areas of the frame that are damaged and need rectification.

Sean Parnaby chair of the Wood Window Alliance said: “Today’s high performance wood windows unquestionably enhance the character and street appeal of a building and offer fantastic long-term value - it is no surprise that more and more consumers are realising that they are worth a larger upfront investment.  It’s perhaps commonsense, but one of the best ways you can maintain your windows is to ask your window cleaner to clean the frames whenever the glass is cleaned – at least once a year.”

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