Why opt for triple-glazing?

Tue 12 Jul 2016

Triple glazing is growing in popularity in the UK, with around 5% of windows bought now triple glazed. So what are the main advantages of triple glazing over double glazing and why is it gaining ground in the UK? Chayley Collis from Green Building Store shares her thoughts with the Wood Window Alliance.


With the prices of triple glazed timber windows at only around 15% more than the double glazed alternative, triple glazing is becoming more affordable than ever.  For a small additional extra investment it is possible to radically improve the comfort and energy efficiency of homes and buildings. If you are going to the hassle of installing new windows and doors, we would strongly recommend that you take advantage of the extra benefits that triple glazing offers.

Energy efficiency

According to the Energy Saving Trust, windows contribute to 26% of domestic heat loss. Triple glazing can be up to 50% more thermally efficient than double glazing, saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.  Triple glazed windows are already commonplace in countries such as Germany and Austria where low energy buildings and Passivhaus design are encouraged, and make up 60% of the market in Germany. As homes get better insulated and airtight the performance of windows and doors becomes even more critical. Windows can typically represent about 12% of the surface area of a building, but at Passivhaus levels of performance this 12% surface area can represent 50% of the heat loss of the building.

Green Building Store believes that triple glazing should become the standard choice for windows and doors in the UK as part of urgent action to reduce CO2 emissions from buildings and to help combat climate change. Windows and doors installed in 2016 could still be around long after 2050, so it is important that they are as thermally efficient as possible. In order to tackle climate change we need to radically improve energy efficiency standards in UK buildings. Triple glazed windows and doors will be the only correct specification to complement these necessary super insulation measures.

But most of all….Comfort

Triple glazing increases the comfort of buildings by raising the surface temperature on the inner pane of glass, eliminating cold spots and draughts near windows.  When external temperatures drop to near zero the innermost pane of a triple glazed window will be warmer (eg with an interior surface temperature of 17 C)  than that of a double glazed window (which might have an interior surface temperature more like 13 C) . So you don’t get a cold radiant effect on the pane of the triple glazed window, which means fewer cold spots and less convection-fuelled draughts. Occupants will genuinely feel the effect, especially if the rest of the home is also well insulated.  

Green Building Store offers a range of high performance triple glazed timber windows, including outward, inward, sliding sash and Passivhaus certified options.