Factory-finished windows 10 years on

Thu 01 Sep 2016

In 2004, Mre Cole asked George Barnsdale to supply ten casement windows, three sets of French patio doors and a front door. All items were manufactured from Grandis Hardwood and finished with an oyster white micro-porous paint coating, with the addition of polished brass furniture.

Now in 2016, 10 years after the project was completed, Mrs Cole invited George Barnsdale back to see how the windows and doors have performed to their promise of long life with low maintenance. She explained that the windows and doors had received little in the way of maintenance except for regular cleaning and the occasional oil. Even without being recoated they looked as good as new. 
Sadly, there was an attempt to break into the house in late 2015. However, thanks to the high standard of build quality and design the intruder did not gain entry to the property and was only able to cause minor damage to the attacked windows and doors. This was easily repaired with a visit from the George Barnsdale maintenance team.

Mrs Cole said “I am proud of my George Barnsdale windows and doors, I am regularly asked about them by guests and I am always happy to express the enjoyment they have brought me over the last 10 years.”

This is a good example of how little maintenance today's high performance factory-finished timber windows require. Most WWA members offer an 8 or 10 year warranty on opaque finishes.