Yes you can redecorate wood windows!

Wed 21 Sep 2016

An awful lot of hot air has been generated on the subject of maintenance and, in particular, how great it is that PVC-u windows don’t need redecorating. Just for a moment leaving aside matters such as the extended maintenance intervals (8-10 years) and simplified regimes associated with today’s factory-finished timber windows, I want to make the positive case for redecorating your doors and windows. Consider the following questions:

Do you always want the same colour scheme inside, as well as outside, your home?

It’s a funny idea for your windows and doors to have the same colour on the outside of your home as inside. This is especially the case now that white is no longer ubiquitous, with greys and sage greens and even black becoming increasingly fashionable. Do you really want battleship grey windows gracing your sitting room?

We had new windows about seven years ago, in a mid grey factory finish. Now that we’re coming round to redecorating the house, we’re enjoying painting the windows in with the new wall colour. It makes a huge difference to the look of the room. And it would have been a very great deal more difficult if the frames hadn’t been wooden.


One of the exciting innovations offered by many members nowadays is a dual-colour option, where the inside of the windows and doors is a different colour from the outside. The inside can even be in natural wood, for a fashionable Scandinavian look.

 Do you want the same colour scheme in every room?

It’s very unlikely that all the rooms in your home are decorated in the same colour? So why would you expect all the windows and doors to be the same? Especially as they provide such important visual accents.

With factory-finished timber, you can have different colour windows and doors in every room.

What if you want to change a room’s colour scheme?

With factory-finished timber, you can change the look of a room with a simple coat of paint. Paint the windows in, so they are the same colour as the walls. Paint them a contrasting colour to make a feature of them. Change the window dressing as well as the paint colour for a completely new look.

What if your windows are looking tired?

All windows get to look a bit tired after a few years, even if you give them a regular wash, largely due to the effects of the sun. You can’t do much about a PVC-u window that’s going grey, or losing its colour. For a factory-finished wood window, it’s a simple question of a wipe down and a couple of top coats and it’s as good as new.

Do I have to paint the whole window inside and out?

Well, of course you can repaint either side of your window or door without painting the other. Typically you can recoat the outside every 8-10 years without having to recoat the inside at all – unless you want to. But, better than that, you don’t have to repaint all those bits that are tricky to get to, especially on a sliding sash window, because the factory finish is so good, those bits won’t need doing – only the surfaces exposed to the sun.

So, I would say, don’t be afraid of choosing wood windows because they’ll need re-decorating, choose them because you can! 

Watch our video on recoating factory-finished windows.

See our Maintenance Guidelines for details of maintenance cycles and lots more.