What does your front door say about you?

Mon 09 Jan 2017

Psychologists believe that the chosen colour of your front door can be representative of your personality, writes Nicola Harrison, General Manager, Bereco Timber Windows & Doors.

  • Red signals an assertive, active homeowner, one who is not afraid of attracting attention.
  • Blue indicates you are easygoing and reliable.
  • Black suggests a conservative homeowner, one who appreciates timeless values and tends to be private.
  • Green shows that people are somewhat traditional or friendly and active members of their communities.
  • Purple signals a risk-taker who values the unique.
  • White denotes an organized, logical individual.
  • Yellow implies this homeowner likes to stand out in the crowd and is a natural leader.
  • Orange is the sign of an extroverted, fun-loving person.

Whether people can tell your personality from the colour of your front door remains to be seen. 

We all know however, that a front door is a statement and can play the key center piece in a country cottage or Georgian mansion.

Whilst time honored patterns are still widely available and remain ever popular, construction methods have changed tremendously over the last century, no longer do timber doors bow and twist, get stuck or cannot be shut, they can now stand the test of time and in all environments from the Scottish highlands to the coastal towns of Great Britain, everyone can have a beautiful trouble free timber door. 

Early designs were basic. Planked doors; where a ledged and braced design (named for their diagonal and horizontal bracings) were employed to prevent the timber planks from twisting. Eventually these gave way in the early 17th century to a more sophisticated plank style door that was made up of a stile and frame structure with infill panels of planked timbers, featuring Mortice and Tenon joints. This new design offered much more stability and remains reminiscent of today’s construction methods. 

Britain’s Oldest Front Door

The Front Doors of Today

Engineered Timber

Today the use of engineered defect free timber that is sustainably farmed and grown for enhanced durability with controlled moisture content has played a big role in improving the longevity of the UK’s entrance doors. Pre-selection, removing knots and defects coupled with modern engineering methods of kiln drying and laminating timber sections together has taken great steps to aid in the prevention of dimensional twist and warp.

Factory Applied Coatings 

Gone are the days of hand painting doors and door frames to achieve the desired finish and colour scheme, factory applied coating systems are now extensively available offering a high quality and long lasting finish with low maintenance. Factory applied coating systems involve a staged process in their application firstly; the application of a preservative treatment that offers protection against rot and fungal decay. Secondly, basecoat or primer is applied. Thirdly, an intermediate coat where joints and end grain receive protection is given and finally top coat with UV protectors is applied leaving a blemish free long lasting finish.

Ultra Modern Door Designs

Traditional designs with painted, stained or dual colour factory finishes allow the creation of a statement entrance, and whilst some companies offer an extensive range of bespoke classic and heritage style doors, over recent years there has grown the need for more contemporary and modern designs.

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