Four Surprising Colour Trends for Wood Windows This Year

Fri 18 Sep 2015

Black is the new white

The surprise colour topping the bill for timber windows right now is black. And now that duo-colour windows are increasingly popular, people are having any colour they like inside – even clear wood varnish – as long as the outside’s black.

Why is black so popular? Apart from being a welcome departure from white, black can be chic and dramatic, and complement a whole host of on-trend interior design styles such as minimalist, industrial, and mid-century.

Step up Farrow and Ball wannabes

Soft, muted greens and greys have been in extra high demand recently, like Farrow and Ball’s Vert de Terre and RAL’s 7032 Pebble Grey.


Contrasting Colours

One way of having your cake and eating it is to have a light colour on the outside and something bold on the inside.

Using pale colours externally has additional benefits – Michelle says: “Black can look great, but it’s the worst colour for absorbing the sun’s UV.”

So, if you want your windows to last a decade without re-painting, you shouldn’t completely turn away from the old favourites outside – like white, off-white, or Gardenia.

As for on-trend colour inside? Take inspiration from the Autumn/Winter catwalks at New York Fashion week 2015 which saw an array of beautiful earthy hues mixed with bold, statement shades.

Bright and Beautiful

Although natural colours are perfect for creating a warm, inviting space within the home, pairing them with brighter shades add an element of excitement and fun to your decor. Why not use your windows to add a splash of contrasting colour? We’re talking about powerful, deep blues, jewel-toned purples, and tropical mango yellows to bring your décor to life.

What are your favourite coloured wood windows?  


Michelle Alcock

Managing Director, Teknos UK Ltd

Member of Wood Window Alliance