Picky Brits Make Decisions on a Property Before they reach the Front Door

Mon 12 Oct 2015

Recently the property market has been a hotly discussed subject, with David Cameron pledging 200,000 new homes to help first time buyers get a foot on the ladder. But, despite an increasingly competitive market, it seems that first impressions still really do count. We conducted research featured in the Independent on Friday and the Mail Online over the weekend, revealing that nearly two thirds of Brits judge possible new homes purely on ‘kerb appeal’ and most make up their minds on whether to buy before even stepping over the threshold.   

Only 7% of house hunters are choosy enough to spend more than 30 minutes before making up their mind, whereas half will have made a decision on a property in less than five minutes.

Interestingly the more selective prospective buyers can be instantly turned off just by a house’s windows. Even though the majority of those that we surveyed have modern PVC-U windows installed, 1 in 5 still see them as tacky or ‘chavy’. If there’s mould visible around the window frames, almost half admit they could say no to the house altogether. House-hunters can even be put off by messy neighbours and unkempt lawns.

With so many of us making a decision on a house before even getting through the door, it really is important to ensure that a property has kerb appeal if you’re gearing up for a sale.


Maintaining windows and doors, and taking pride in the overall appearance of the exterior of a property has never been more important. Wood windows, especially for period homes, can have a big impact on the design and feel of a property, and can increase the value significantly too. So it’s a worthwhile investment considering the negative views Brits have on PVC-U!



Source: The Wood Window Alliance and OnePoll, survey of 2,000 adults (men and women) across the UK.

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