The Wood Window Alliance Q&A with Pearl Lowe

Fri 23 Oct 2015

We caught up with our Wood Window Alliance ambassador Pearl Lowe to discuss all things windows and why she thinks they play such an important role in the home… 

Can you tell us a bit about your home – what period is it?

My home is a 1800s Georgian house. It’s quite unusual as it has all sorts of gold cornicing and is very decorative.

What are your biggest inspirations in terms of interior design?

It’s hard to narrow down my inspirations as there’s so much that I love, but my absolute favourite era is the twenties, I love art deco furniture. I also like the ‘boudoir’ style and tend to throw in a lot of lace when I’m decorating. In terms or colour I like pastels - so pinks, whites and pale greens.

How do you like to dress your windows?

I have always loved lace curtains but I’m also really into linen curtains at the moment. Whatever fabric you choose, the key is not to overdress the windows. I love wooden shutters as they really compliment wood windows, and you can paint them to match the colour scheme in your home too, which always looks great.

What are your thoughts on wood windows vs uPVC?

There is just no comparison!  Whenever I have worked on a house that has uPVC windows, one of the first things I do is to change the whole lot to wood.  I really love wood and it upsets me when I see a house that has had the original wooden windows removed.  Windows play such an important role in the home and not just with regards to the look – double glazed wooden windows also add warmth so they are definitely the way to go.

What aspects about the exterior of a house do you think matter the most?

It’s really important to make sure the property is well painted and that all the guttering is perfect. Windows are crucial and should be wood-framed, well looked after and clean. Also make sure colours are combined - for example, I recently saw a house that was painted pink with grey window frames and it looked lovely.

Why do you think windows make such a difference to a home?




Pearl is an ambassador for The Wood Window Alliance (, who are committed to making beautiful wood windows and doors and are the number one choice for home owners and professionals