WWA Meets Michelle Alcock

Fri 27 Nov 2015

Michelle Alcock is the managing director for TeknosPro, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of specialist industrial and decorative coatings. WWA recently spoke with Michelle to learn more about her experience with timber windows and doors.

1. Why should consumers choose timber windows and doors for their properties? 
Timber windows and doors increase the value and kerb appeal of your property by up to 10%, this can be even more in period properties where traditional features are expected.

2. How should a consumer go about re-decoration of a factory-finished timber window? 
It’s quite a simple process; annually wash down the frames to maintain the coating. Then every few years brush a coat of the original coating over the entire window frame to keep your windows looking fabulous!

3. What is the best coating for a factory-finished timber window frame, and how do you distinguish between all the options? 
The best advice I could give would be to re-coat your windows with the original paint used to finish the window, or use a good quality water based coating which is specifically designed for timber, these let the wood breathe. 

4. Do timber window coatings come in different colours? 
Timber windows can come in any colour you desire, if you can find a sample it can be matched.

5. How long will the coating last? 
For solid colours up to 10 years and translucents 5 years.

6. What innovations have come about in the last few years when it comes to timber windows and their coatings? 
Some of the most innovative products in the window industry have been modified timbers; this is where the timber has been treated to make it more stable. If you can stop timber moving and being affected by water you significantly increase the time period between redecoration. One day we hope to get the coating to last the entire life of the window without redecoration.

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