WWA Meet Dave Christie from Remmers UK Ltd

Tue 01 Dec 2015

Dave Christie is the Technical Sales Manager at Remmers UK Ltd who offer a comprehensive service to customers in the construction industry, with technical support from start to finish. We asked Dave to tell us more about what he thinks about timber windows.

1. Why should consumers choose timber windows and doors for their properties?

They give a property natural beauty and warmth. Timber windows never require replacement and maintenance is easy.

2. How should a consumer go about re-decorating a factory-finished timber window? 

Wash the window down to remove all loose material, dirt and dust.  Apply a high quality microporous coating with a high quality nylon bristle brush.

3. What is the best coating for a factory-finished timber window frame, and how do you distinguish between all the options?  

The best coating for a factory finished window is a high build finish where the first coat is applied by dipping or flood-coating to get good absorbtion into the timber and the subsequent coats are spray applied to give a smooth finish. There are options for translucent (semi-transparent coatings) or opaque (solid colour) finishes.

4. Do timber window coatings come in different colours?  

Yes, timber window coatings can be supplied in thousands of different solid and semi-transparent colours.

5. How long will the coating last? 

The longest lasting coatings are light coloured opaque finishes which can last 10 years or more without redecoration.  The longest lasting semi-transparent colours are the darker ones because they have the most pigment in them and these can last up to 7 or more without the need for redecoration.     

6. What innovations have come about in the last few years when it comes to timber windows and their coatings?

There are many innovations in windows, such as laminated timber to improve dimensional stability, and advanced sealed glazing units to give better insulation.  With regards to coatings, these are capable of providing more improved long term flexibility than ever before, combined with improved resistance to moisture.

Have you invested in timber windows for your home? Do you have any advice to add? Let us know in the comments.