Bereco launch new Part Q guidance

Tue 15 Dec 2015

Part Q Guidance


The new Approved Document Q (Security - Dwellings) came into effect in England on 1st October 2015, bringing a minimum level of security into new dwellings. 

Bereco have published their own guide, giving their interpretation of what the implications are for those who are purchasing doors and windows.

As with the introduction of other Building Regulations, Approved Document Q will be phased in. The regulation applies to all new buildings, unless a full plans application, or the building notice was submitted before 1st October 2015 (in which case, the actual work needs to be started prior to 1st October 2016). This means that a developer submitting plans from 1st October 2015 will need to ensure that the buildings comply with Approved Document Q. For example, if a developer submitted plans for a dwelling on 13th September 2015, the dwelling would not need to comply with Approved Document Q. However, they would need to start building before 1st October 2016 in order to be exempt.