Wood certified as legally sourced from sustainably-managed forests is the most environmentally-friendly window frame material you can buy. Members' timber is legally sourced from sustainably managed forests, supported by 'due diligence' from suppliers or certified timber sources in accordance with EU Timber Regulation: 2013. All members must hold either FSC or PEFC Chain of Custody certification, which provides evidence that timber from certified forests has been tracked through all stages of its manufacture and distribution to the end product.

Our windows are low carbon (the frames are carbon negative - they store more carbon than is produced manufacturing them). According to research by Heriot Watt University (Whole Life Analysis of timber, modified timber and aluminium-clad timber windows, 2013), every wood window you install instead of a PVC-U window, saves approximately 160kgs CO2e over a 60-year service life. (That's over 1.5 tonnes CO2e for the average house with 10 windows).

Aluminium-clad and modified wood windows frames are also carbon-negative, saving approximately 140kgsCO2e over a 60-year service life when used instead of PVC-U windows.

They use the latest, most environmentally-friendly water-based preservative treatments, paints and stains. Windows made to our standards get the top ratings in BRE's Green Guide to Specification:

  • All WWA-standard timber windows are rated A+

  • WWA-standard aluminium-clad windows with a translucent coating on the wood frame are rated A+

  • WWA-standard aluminium-clad windows with a solid colour coating on the wood frame are rated A