Georgian-style modern mansion, Wiltshire

Name of project

Georgian-style modern mansion






Project requirements

Window choice was critical. They had to get the Georgian details just right. They had to have thin, refined glazing bars and deeper than standard reveals – the way the window is inset against the wall.


Not everyone has the time and desire to take an intensive course in Georgian design principles but as a specialist manufacturer of period style windows and doors Mumford & Wood use the Golden Ratio. The principle behind the Golden Ratio is that the larger number divided by the smaller number is also equal to the sum of the two numbers together divided by the larger number. For example, take two numbers, 16 and 10, (so 1.6). Add them together – 26 – and divide by 16, and you again get 1.6. So a classical proportion for a sash window using the Golden Ratio would be 1,000 x 1,600mm.


The durability, energy-efficiency and low maintenance benefits of modern, factory-finished windows, with authentic Georgian design and detailing.

Client Feedback

The owners commented: "We’re delighted with what we have ended up with. The house is much warmer and less draughty than the type of house we might have bought instead, and it looks like it has been here for centuries. They’re also very well balanced and easy to open and close".

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