BedZed Zero Energy Development, South East London

Name of project

BedZed Zero Energy Development



South East London



Project requirements

The Beddington Zero Energy Development (BedZED) is a zero carbon development. The design has been created to enhance the environmental dimensions, with strong emphasis on roof gardens, sunlight, solar energy, reduction of energy consumption and waste water recycling.

In addition, the building has energy conservation and environmental sustainability requirements that will consist of 82 residential homes with a mixture of tenures.


Rationel's commitment to the environment using sustainable sources from PEFC forests and reducing carbon emissions from the atmosphere to maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle contributed to winning this project.

Rationel has worked with Bill Dunster (Architect) on other, similar schemes throughout the UK - further endorsing Rationel's environmental credentials. Rationel supplied a complete range of high quality timber windows and doors that combine good aesthetics and excellent performance.


The Beddington Zero Energy Development (BedZED) is the UK's largest carbon neutral development that incorporates innovative approaches to energy conservation and environmental sustainability - the first of its kind in this country. The design includes the use of Rationel windows including fixed light, topguided and sideguided units, along with double terrace doors which were all critical components of the carbon neutral building. An innovative design and construction, heat from the sun and heat generated by occupants and their everyday activities such as cooking, are sufficient to heat BedZED dwellings to a comfortable temperature.

The windows and doors were easily fitted into the insulated walls with good air tightness, solar and energy efficiency. The timber used is from Northern European softwoods which bring high levels of dimensional stability, and resistance to rotting, warping and bowing. Also, factory-finished with a translucent wood colour stain to express the beauty and the warmth of the wood in order to complement this distinctive and visually attractive architecture. Dwellings at BedZED are arranged in south facing terraces to maximise heat gain from the sun, known as passive solar gain. Each terrace is backed by north-facing offices where minimal solar gain reduces the tendency to overheat and the need for energy-sapping air conditioning.

The building itself has received prestigious awards: Civic Trust Sustainability Award 2004 and Housing Design Awards 2003.

Client Feedback

"Good company with excellent products and a great service to suit its environmental credentials."

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