Cookie policy

The Wood Window Alliance website uses cookies to improve on the overall experience users get when browsing it. The following information may be helpful to you to understand what a cookie is and how they may affect you.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a piece of data stored by a website on your computer or mobile device. Cookies are useful for storing data so that when you revisit a site the stored cookie data can be retrieved and reused. An example of when this often happens is if you choose to remain logged in to a website. On doing so, a cookie is stored to remember your choice of remaining logged in, so that even after you close your browser or turn off your computer you don't have to login again when you next visit the page.

Are Cookies Dangerous?

Cookies can be very useful and are used to improve your overall experience when browsing a website. Most cookies are harmless and are only used for a single purpose and any information stored in them is usually completely anonymous. There are websites out there which intentionally use cookies to track your activity over long periods of time, but this is usually only carried out by the less law abiding websites. Cookie privacy is an on-going concern which, in turn, has led to EU law makers taking action in the form of a new legislation regarding the use of cookies.

Cookie Legislation

As of the 26th May 2012 legislation has been in effect which requires website owners like us, to ask their users, that's you, to "opt-in" to using cookies on their website. This helps you better understand what information about you is being stored and the purpose of keeping that information. In compliance with this new legislation we now inform you of any cookies we are using on this website before your information is stored and used at our end.

Our Cookies

We use the cookies below throughout our website. None of our cookies are used to store any personal information about you.

Google Analytics cookies

These enable the function of Google Analytics. This software helps us to analyse anonymous information such as visitor numbers, page use, browser specifications and response to marketing activity.

YouTube cookies

This enables YouTube videos to be viewed and collects information such as the number of times a video is viewed.