Benefits of membership

  • Procurement benefits

    • Evidence that your windows meet WWA standards - increasingly important for technical procurement specialists, such as LHC
  • Direct sales referrals

    • Via the website search engine from promotional campaigns
  • Exposure

    • On the WWA website, through the search engine, listings, gallery and case studies
  • Brand status

    • Use of logo
  • Better sales conversions

    • Use of WWA research claims for marketing purposes
    • Use of WWA literature
  • Better marketing intelligence

    • Access to Palmer Report
  • Resolution of business issues

    • Through putting forward projects for the campaign to pursue through sub-committees
  • Networking

    • Opportunity to join the Campaign Committee or one of the sub-committees
    • Twice-yearly Member's Meetings
  • A more successful industry

    • Your support provides more resource for our campaign to increase timber's share of the window market. A bigger cake for everyone's benefit

How to join

Contact us to become a member