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This authoritative Whole Life Analysis of WWA timber, modified timber and alu-clad timber windows vs PVC-U includes detailed analysis of:

- Service Life

- Whole Life Cost


The report shows that the timber-based frames considered last longer, are better value and have significantly lower environmental impacts than comparable PVC-U frames.

They have a service life of around 60 to 80 years, compared to 30 years for PVC-U.

Although the PVC-U frames are the cheapest, timber frames offer better long-term value, even allowing for maintenance; while for severe exposure and high-rise buildings, aluminium-clad and modified timber offer the best value.

The cradle-to-grave LCA report provides evidence that all the timber-based window frame materials considered have lower environmental impacts than PVC-U alternatives in every end-of-life scenario considered using SimaPro analysis.

In the critical Global Warming Potential (GWP) measure, all timber windows outperform PVC-U alternatives by a considerable margin. Choosing a timber-based window frame instead of PVC-U will save around 1.5 tonnes CO2e over the 60 year life of typical 10 window buildings.

A management summary of research undertaken by Dr Gillian Menzies of the Institute for Building and Urban Design, Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh in 2012.